Aman Resorts Marrakech

The Aman Resorts are famous for their unparalleled service , beauty, tranquillity and luxury.Marrakech’s own Aman resort,the Amanjena, lives up to its name:Amanjena means ‘peaceful paradise’. The resort’s wonderful design – taking inspiration from traditional architecture using Marrakech’s famous pink-coloured stone and plenty of waterways and reflecting pools – certainly fulfils all the above criteria. The Amanjena spa also takes inspiration from local tradition. Morocco is famous for its hammams – public baths in which you are steamed and scrubbed to a healthy glow. The spa here has, as well as all the treatments you would expect,hammams that can be combined with every treatment. Each hammam (one for men and one for women) has its own showers,washrooms, a changing area and a glassed-in whirlpool in which to soak afterwards if you wish. The hammams are beyond beautiful,shimmering with blue irridescent tiles arranged like fish scales, and with enough room to house a family of 12.

A therapist comes in with you, to administer the gommage (scrub) when you have steamed for long enough for your pores to open. Then a clay mask is applied, and finally lavender and rose water wash it all off – after which your skin will be softer than when you were born. Afterwards, I opted for a massage with rose oil to further soften the skin and unravel my tight muscles. After a blissful two-and-a-half-hours in total, I floated into my private whirlpool to bring myself slowly back to reality. It’s a world-class experience, among the very best in Morocco.

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