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Viva MayrViva Mayr
Seepromenade 11
A-9082 Maria Wörth
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Hotel Information: Maria Wörth on the  picturesque bank s of the Wörthersee lake  has beocme and island of health thanks to VIVA. The stylish rebuilt hotel complex and highly modern medical facilities on a total space of 700 sqm make for vitality surrounded by attractive architecture.  Gigantic glass walls in the centre and most of the rooms make nature seem close enough to touch. The house´s beautiful garden are was renovated and features a new pier, an exclusive beach sauna with a Chinese  stone garde and a seperate meditation area. Exclusive comfort and wellness facilities make your holiday much more than just a conventional therapy and cure stay. Staying healthy is the main focus and in this special establishment , it is defined as an individual and personal attitude towards life. VIVA turns health inot a therapeutic and culinary delight.

Don’t come to Viva Mayr expecting one of those Eastern experiences designed to spoil and pamper. Although Viva Mayr has a pool, various saunas, a hammam and a private lido on Lake Wörthersee in Austria, as well as beauty treatments by Phytomer, it styles itself as a medical spa, and follows the methods of Dr Mayr. The doctor believed that many diseases were the result of poor eating and bad digestion and devised a way to cleanse our overloaded guts of a lifetime of putrefying food, the result of eating too much and too late.

Although the nearby famous Mayr Health Spa does the full treatment – stale bread, herbal tea and vegetable broth is about your lot – Viva Mayr takes a less drastic approach. On arrival you are given a thorough medical assessment which includes kinesiology and blood tests to show up dietary in tolerances and your programme is worked out accordingly. Three meals are eaten every day but they are light and simple and most guests find themselves wiped out and battling headaches for the first few days as the body detoxes. Set on the shores of the lake in a tranquil corner of Austria, Viva Mayr is a place to take it easy in every sense – you mostly won’t have the energy to do much more than walk or gently swim anyway. But after a week or even better, two, you will emerge lighter, slimmer, and considerably energised – in short, reborn.

Airport: Klagenfurt, 25 km


Room Information: 44 rooms.

Rates:  from 120 – 350 Euro.

Special: During your stay  in the VIVA, you are taken care by a highly creative team.

Contact: Contact Us

2 thoughts on “Viva Mayr”

  • I have just enquired the availability from 21st April 2009 to 28th Apirl 2009. We are looking to book 2 single delux rooms plus treatments. We fly from Bristol UK. Which is the nearest airport from Bristol?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Sara Ford

  • Hi Sara,

    Klagenfurt Airport is the best option. It is only a 15 min. drive to Viva Mayr.


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